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Undercover Mohair Sweater - AW02 "Witch's Cell Division"

Undercover Mohair Sweater - AW02 "Witch's Cell Division"

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Undercover’s Autumn Winter 2002 collection “Witch’s Cell Division” is inspired by timeless pop-culture witch symbolism and robot imagery. In this collection, the two subcultures integrate a gloomy color palette with the comical depiction of robots to create an unlikely but endearing pair. One of the collection's obvious influences, transformer's, incorporates the changeable characteristics of these robots into each piece by using unconventional fabrics to give well-known silhouettes a changeable shape. This wool beanie is full of crosses, which was the key motif symbolized in the Witch's Cell Division season. Many other items like rugs, and velvet jackets were also released with the same iconic cross symbol. This sweater is entirely comprised of a perfectly crafted mohair material. Completed with a DIY-looking square pattern on the garment - this sweater is going to continue to be one of AW02's standout pieces. 


25 Inch Length
20 Inch Chest Width



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