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Undercover Cross Beanie - AW02 “Witch’s Cell Divison”

Undercover Cross Beanie - AW02 “Witch’s Cell Divison”

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The "Cross Beanie" from Undercover's Autumn Winter 2002 collection titled "Witch's Cell Division" is a striking piece that embodies the collection's edgy and unconventional aesthetic. The beanie features crosses placed at every angle, including upside down, creating a bold and provocative statement. The use of crosses in this way adds a subversive element to the design, subverting the traditional symbolism of the cross in favor of a more provocative and rebellious interpretation. This attention to detail and willingness to challenge traditional motifs is a hallmark of the collection as a whole, and the "Cross Beanie" is a perfect representation of this ethos. Overall, it's a unique and standout piece that perfectly encapsulates the bold and boundary-pushing style of the "Witch's Cell Division" collection.

Undercover's Autumn Winter 2002 collection, named "Witch's Cell Division", draws inspiration from both traditional Witch imagery and Robots from popular culture. This combination of two subcultures may seem unconventional, but it adds a playful touch to the collection, which features a darker color scheme mixed with whimsical robot designs. The Transformers franchise is a clear influence in the line, with each piece incorporating the shape-shifting qualities of robots through the use of unique fabrics in familiar silhouettes. This results in a collection that seamlessly blends the two themes, creating a transmutable and dynamic aesthetic.

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