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Seditionaries Mickey & Minnie Tee - 1978

Seditionaries Mickey & Minnie Tee - 1978

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The Seditionaries 1978 Mickey and Minnie T-shirt is a controversial and offensive shirt that features a graphic depiction of Walt Disney's iconic characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, engaging in a sexual act. The shirt was created and sold by the British fashion label Seditionaries in 1978 as a part of their “Let It Rock” collection and is considered to be a prime example of the transgressive and provocative style that the brand was known for. The shirt was highly controversial at the time of its release and was seen as a form of rebellion against mainstream culture. Despite this, some Seditionaries items, including the 1978 T-shirt, are considered rare and have been included in museum collections around the world. These pieces are sought after by collectors for their historical significance and cultural impact, as well as for their unique and provocative design.

Seditionaries was a London-based clothing brand established in the 1970s. It was founded by Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood and was known for its provocative and anti-establishment designs. The brand's clothing was heavily influenced by punk and new wave fashion and often featured political or social commentary. Some of the brand's most famous pieces included T-shirts featuring graphic images, leather jackets with metal studs, and torn and distressed denim jeans. Despite its controversial nature, Seditionaries gained a cult following and continues to be remembered as a seminal force in the development of punk fashion. The brand's influence can still be seen in contemporary fashion, particularly in the use of politically charged imagery and the use of deconstruction and reconstruction in clothing design.

All Seditionaries Tees Are One Size And Fit A True To Size Medium (Please Refer To Measurements)
20 inch chest width
27 inch length

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