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Raf Simons "Virginia Creeper" Roots Hoodie - AW02 "Virginia Creeper"

Raf Simons "Virginia Creeper" Roots Hoodie - AW02 "Virginia Creeper"

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Raf Simons AW02 "Virginia Creeper" collection was one-of-a-kind. Poisonous weeds (like the Canadian Virginia Creeper of the collection’s title) are a wonderful sight to the eye of the spectator while at the same time cannot be touched or eaten. No wonder their splendid, self-contained isolation implies to a higher, and more pure state of mind. The colours used in the collection are all derived from nature-related themes: forest browns and nightly blacks, dark greys, leafy greens and snowy off-whites. Just like owl feathers or the shades over swamps keep mixing into each other, the silhouettes also have changing colour tones, similar to the notion of camouflage. Some of the clothes were acid-treated so they would torn and rip as if they were eaten by moths. The items were firstly sold in an excellent condition but they would “rot” with wear. This technique may represent not only the themes of decomposition but also man’s inability to sustain his battle against the natural order, that his resistance is ultimately pointless. The rotting fabric also provides the wearer with a sense of authenticity and personal history, as each piece lives on different from the others. The Acid wash treatment slowly eats away at the fabric, leaving scars on the hoodie’s surface molded around the wearer. “Virginia Creeper” is labeled throughout, resembling an old American collegiate sweater or varsity logo. On the back is print of “roots” spreading out.

Marked size 50 (Please refer to measurements)
24 inch length
22 inch chest width


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