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Number (N)ine Cargo Down Jacket - AW08 "My Own Private Portland"

Number (N)ine Cargo Down Jacket - AW08 "My Own Private Portland"

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Number (N)ine's fall 2008 collection, "My Own Private Portland,” was the final installment of a litany of love letters Takahiro Miyashita composed to the decayed Americana aesthetics of the ‘90s west coast grunge scene. The title was a reference to Gus Van Sant's film, "My Own Private Idaho,” which starred River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves. Not unlike Takahiro's generation of Japanese designers, the grunge heroes of decades past repurposed once-straight forward garments such as Levi’s jeans and Pendleton flannels — staple signifiers of blue collar workers — into a language of rebellion which was wholly their own. Through long hair, silver chain jewelry, and rounded sunglasses, Takahiro shifted the undertones of the belted wool cardigans, moccasin shoes, and trapper jackets which he sent down the runway into something distinctly modern.

This puffer stands out relative to much of the other clothing from "My Own Private Portland" due to the litany of intricate details which adorn it. Stuffed with duck down feathers, it features fifteen pockets, sheepskin leather patches, football buttons, and a corduroy neck lining. 

Marked size 2 (Please refer to measurements)
23 inch length
18 inch chest width

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